Gemalto Moves to Expand Cloud HSM On Demand Solutions

Gemalto has announced the availability of new cloud-based Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, HSM On Demand for Hyperledger, HSM On Demand for CyberArk and HSM On Demand for Oracle TDE. Each of the three services is set to be made available via SafeNet Data Protection on Demand platform.

This platform is simply a marketplace of cloud-based HSM, key management services and encryption which easily works together with widely accepted and used IT products and cloud services to shield data anywhere it is accessed, created or stored.

The quick embracement of digital services and cloud has made it hard for organizations to provide security for identities and data which are created, stored and managed on the outside of the perimeter. Even though the organizations fully recognize the fact that data encryption is the best solution for the protection of sensitive information, challenges might hinder the implementation of the process. Some of these challenges include the complexity and cost of enabling data encryption, as well as Hardware Security Modules for the securing of their cryptographic operations.

The Principal Analyst at 451 Research, Garrett Bekker also confirmed the fact that many organizations would truly like to deploy data security in a broader manner, but the aforementioned setbacks always stand in the way.  This is particularly true with respect to key management and encryption.

Gemalto’s SafeNet Data Protection On Demand particularly addresses these challenges by supplying cloud-based HSM services whose deployment can happen in minutes, without requiring staffs with a great deal of technical know-how. Gemalto is undoubtedly a leader in the HSM market and the company has come on board to secure encryption keys and data cloud for them across hybrid, cloud and on-premises environments.

He also said that the release of the SafeNet Data Protection On Demand is a great milestone in addressing these issues and also extending the solution it brings (cloud HSM ability) into newer technology cases such as database security, the blockchain and privileged credentials.