General Services Administration Awards Geotab World’s Biggest Telematics Contract

The largest single-source telematics contract in the world to date has been awarded by the GSA Fleet (providers of centralized procurements to federal agencies) to Geotab, a globally renowned company in the business of connecting transport and a world leader in I.T.

GSA has one of non-tactical fleets in the U.S. and has been delivering quality vehicles and effective fleet management of manageable costs to over 75 registered federal agencies, since 1954.  The have premium end-to-end fleet management services that include maintenance and accident management, and vehicle acquisition with leasing and disposal. They even offer fuel loss prevention services.

Jean Pilon-Bignell, associate vice president of Geotab made it known that the unique and special contract awarded by the GSA fleet confirms Geotab’s ability to deliver safe and highly specialized technology to the federal government. He also mentioned that the partnership goes a long way in assisting Geotab in expanding their portfolio of solutions and services while improving the operations of federal agency fleets through top analytics abilities.

Geotab as a vertically telematics provider focus on managing the whole technology stack. This is done by taking note of details even in-cab hardware and embedded firmware applied to encrypt and send data, to the safe server-side hosting and software use.

With this contract, Geotab is the first telematics company to achieve FIPS 140-2 validation for their cryptographic library. This means that the company now incorporate security as a key-priority in the creative applications, making sure that their tight security measures match those of the industry’s best cybersecurity practices.

Together with GSA, Geotab has paved the way for telematics companies and the industry in entirety. Now the United States leads the world in the application of telematics in their government operations. GSA has given Geotab a sponsorship for FedRAMP certification, making MyGeotab the first SaaS telematics platform to be awarded this cybersecurity accreditation.