GeoSpark Analytics Gets ‘Small Business Innovation Research Award’ from the United States Air Force

Geospark Analytics, a technology focused private company which provides information for threat assessment and decision support based on location, got the Small Business Innovation Research contract award from the United States Air Force.

This contract is to basically assess the integration of the United State Air Force data into the Hyperion threat evaluation platform. Hyperion platform serves as a cloud based platform that makes it easy for people to comprehend tons of information that are not directly human. It provides them with full awareness which helps them to make well planned decisions. It does this by combining mechanical information such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language generation together with information gotten from space or social media.

A more intrinsic use of the Hyperion platform will translate to a more general awareness of threats across the road for political, social and economic analysts and operators. This contract is an attempt to widen the array of innovations currently available to applicants, it summaries events that affects the level of stability for global events. It ought to move current operations to a more distant prediction of that same environment.

Founder and CEO of GeoSparks Analytics reported this award saying that, “GeoSpark Analytics is excited to bring the power of Hyperion to the Air Force and contribute to its mission by becoming smarter, faster, and stronger. We are proud to work with the Air Force and have launched a feasibility study evaluating the benefit of incorporating relevant Air Force data into our forecasting and event identification AI and ML models.”

GeoSparks Analytics is a 2017 founded organization that seeks to make profit out of geospatial technology trends. They help clients to assess situations to determine the level of threat and risks on a global scale before the clients go ahead with their data analytic proposals. The software engineering and services company uses a large range of tools to achieve its mission, these includes the Artificial Intelligence among many others.