GITEX to Focus on 5G and AI

GITEX is the name of the United Arab Emirates’ tech conference that happens ever so often to showcase the region’s best products in technology. The 39th GITEX expo and its corresponding youth entrepreneur program, Future Stars is set to get underway at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 6th to 10th. The products that the expo intends to focus on are cutting edge advancements in artificial intelligence and new strides in 5G technology that will impact the region’s telecommunication services.

One of the more exciting prospects for the upcoming expo is the combination of blockchain technology with AI. Dr. Ben Goertzel, a world-leading AI researcher and keynote speaker for the event, mentions that his presentation will touch on the combination of these two innovations. The aim is to build a system that enables both AI and the blockchain to function in tandem to increase the quality of life for people through life expectancy extensions and support for medical research.

5G and IOT also On The Agenda

AI is not the only evolving technology that the expo will cover, with regional presenters offering their latest iterations of 5G and IoT tech. The UAE is noted as being one of the first countries in the world to launch a functional 5G network. This expo will focus on helping consumers interact with and take advantage of the increased speed of the infrastructural improvements. Consumers will have access to technology that other parts of the world are still unable to use due to lack of infrastructure support.

Industrially, the expo will also showcase the interaction of IoT devices along with the 5G connectivity to push for a more connected manufacturing and process industry. By combining 5G technology with IoT, manufacturers can automate their processes to an even more considerable degree, resulting in higher efficiency and fewer delays through error. The upcoming tech show has already generated interest from international companies such as Nokia, China Mobile, and Cisco. It is expected that these innovations will make their way into western markets when the infrastructure evolves to support them.