Global Cloud Trends Report Released

A recent intelligence report was released by Research and Markets that outlines global trends around cloud usage and business cases. Not only does it outline overall trends, but it also identifies some of the top issues that businesses around the world face when dealing with cloud computing.

The extensive report is available for purchase for individual licenses, small groups, and even enterprise-wide licenses. The digital PDF version can easily be distributed among teams and leaders for in-depth analysis and planning sessions.

The global-scale statistics and insights allow businesses of all sizes to see where they land in comparison with their peers on a global scale. With in-depth benchmarks and analyses on global cloud computing usage and trends, the report identifies crucial information that businesses can use to develop and grow.

The overall trend is positive, rapid growth, both in the public and private sectors. Enterprise-wide cloud services and initiatives are becoming popular among multinational corporations, and more businesses and individuals are becoming more confident in the value of cloud services.

Trends suggest even more innovation in the coming years when it comes to cloud computing and cloud applications. The study shows that cloud services have grown faster than any other area in IT, and there are no signs of that changing in the near future.

Large businesses are much more likely to implement cloud services in the business, primarily due to costs and the practicality of the implementation.

Some other highlights that the report shows include the growing concern of cloud privacy and security, how cloud implementation translates to reduced operational costs and increased revenues, hybrid cloud developments, and the opportunity to grow in the mobile cloud computing arena.

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