Global Generative Design Market 2019-2023 Will be Boosted by AI Generative Design — Technavio

 The global generative design market is foreseen to post a CAGR of over 16% during the period 2019-2023, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.

Being unable to complete the projects on time and within the budget are big problems enterprises face.

However, generative design has the ability to generate a large number of designs, that can be optimized very quickly in accordance with the predefined restraints and conditions.

In addition to this, the design created by the generative design solution is also bound to consider the forces of nature, including gravity or air resistance. Also, the generative design solution also has the ability to rapidly change the designs according to the requirements of customers.

Hence, enterprises need not wait for long to have designs as a result of a change in customer requirements. Consequently, this will result in an increase in the demand for generative design during the period of forecast.

As for Technavio, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with a generative design will have a positive impact on the market as well as contribute to its growth significantly over the period of forecast.

Global generative design market: Use of artificial intelligence (AI) with generative design

Presently, several industries are opting for real-time solutions such as AI.

 AI has allowed for generative design solution with algorithms that assist them in the production of a wide range of design alternatives. AI with generative design solutions is continuously being adopted by participants in several industries including construction and automotive industries. The features of AI will result to an increase in demand for Al with generative design during the period of forecast.