GLOBAL Technologies Chooses Eutelsat to Back Up West Africa Power Pool Project

Eutelsat Communications has secured a multi-year contract with GLOBAL Technologies for C-band capacity on its EUTELSAT 10A satellite to supply connectivity and communications for the West Africa Power Pool project (WAPP).

Founded in 1999 by ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa States), the WAPP project is focused on interconnecting the power grids of 14 West African countries.

GLOBAL Technologies was given the award for the telecommunications part of the project, and through this contract signature, it will leverage EUTELSAT 10A satellite’s dedicated coverage of West Africa to keep up with the major power distribution sites all through the region.

The CEO of GLOBAL Technologies, Jean-Paul Steinitz said in a speech that in a bid to support WAPP in its vision to promote and further create power generation as well as transmission infrastructures all through the shores of West Africa, Global technologies teams have teamed up with Eutelsat to take advantage of the prime capacity found on its EUTELSAT 10A satellite.

Thankfully, as a result of Eutelsat’s reliable and cost effective satellite coverage of the region, GLOBAL Technologies will add up to offer a cheaper and better access to power for millions of people by providing telecom infrastructure to link up the WAPP countries.

GLOBAL Technologies is a well known player on the high-technology market, its speciality is in the design, operation, installation, as well as the maintenance of critical technical systems and infrastructure. With the advantage of its expertise and specialized competence, GLOBAL Technologies employs sophisticated equipment in inhospitable areas across the globe.