Golf Training AI App Now Available

Golf lessons can be challenging, especially for new players, but a new app developed by OnCore Golf and powered by Gold Boost’s analytics and AI system hopes to change that. Golf Boost is a pioneer in the field of body recognition technology powered by AI. OnCore is well-known in the golfing fraternity for its golf balls, but the company has expanded into the area of personalized golf instruction. Adding the body recognition technology to its offering, OnCore offers a unique application that can detect and correct posture and form without the need for a human instructor to be nearby.

A Personal Golf Coach like No Other

As many golfers know, the first steps into the field can be tentative and having an instructor to teach the basics and correct new players on how they should approach the game is essential for their success and enjoyment. OnCore’s app uses the body recognition technology to record the posture, form, and ability of the player, and then make recommendations to improve those based on preset templates. Both OnCore and Golf Boost are pioneers in the field of AI golf lessons, and by combining both companies in this partnership, they create a powerful force that may dominate the industry in years to come.

The Inspiration to Do Better

AI golf instructors have the benefit of customizing their approach to each individual student. Golf Boost offers a unique way for an AI agent to analyze a golf swing within a matter of seconds, without any other human input. The collection of this data allows for analysis of the user’s style and suggestions to help them be better at their golf swing. OnCore has always crafted its business around assisting golfers to be better, and this app is simply the latest offering geared towards that goal.