Google Acquires AppSheet to Offer No-Code Development

As more non-developers come up with good ideas, space exists for software that can help this non-skilled personnel to build their own apps. Google, recognizing this need, has moved to acquire AppSheet, a no-code mobile-application-construction-platform. The company has been in the business of offering no-code solutions for app development for eight years, and Google thinks now is the right time to acquire the company as a utility for its users. AppSheet simplifies the method of building an app without needing to write lines of code. Instead, an individual or a business can develop an app using data from a spreadsheet, form, or database.

Integrations Already There

Most users will already be familiar with Google’s productivity suite, including Sheets. AppSheet comes already integrated for using the basic functionality of spreadsheets from Google Sheets, as well as other tools such as Office 365, Box, and Salesforce, among others. Google intends to keep support for these rival platforms after the acquisition completes, so businesses that already use AppSheet alongside one of these other tools don’t need to worry.

Opening the Doors to All

Google sees AppSheet as a way for them to level the playing field when it comes to application development. Smaller companies that lack a developer or even a department dedicated to the purpose can now develop their own applications to compete with others. AppSheet enables even those who don’t know how to code to get into application development at a basic level. It may also encourage those beginners to extend their skills if they enjoy the experience.

The Potential Is Endless

Google views the acquisition as an extension of its development philosophy. No-code development can operate alongside existing methodologies such as API management and application integration. AppSheet already offers a sophisticated set of tools for constructing an application. As the integrations continue, a further combination of AppSheet with Android and G Suite may offer even more tools for developers to explore and incorporate into their applications.