Google Cloud Platform Apps Endure Slow Task Queue Execution

Image Attribution: Flickr

The term blackout describes an outage where nothing can be reached and applications are unable to function at all.
When an issue arises in which processes becomes excrutiatingly slow, these types of events could be described as a brownout.
Google Cloud Platform is experiencing a brownout of sorts. According to the Google Cloud Platform status page, all services are running normal, however, there is an on-going issue in which 1%-10% of all Google Cloud Platform apps are underperforming.
“We are currently investigating an issue where task queue processing for Google App Engine applications is slower than expected. Current data indicates that between 1% and 10% or applications are affected by this issue,” mentions the official Google Cloud Platform blog.
The last status that posted regarding the slowdown as happened at 12/3/2015 at 22:01. Google writes:
“We are still investigating the issue with slow execution of Google App Engine task queue tasks. We will provide another status update by 2015-12-04 10:00 (US/Pacific) with current details.”
The slow execution issue was first reported on the blog on 12/2/2015 at 14:28 (US/Pacific time). This means that the Google Cloud Platform has endured this issue for well over 24 hours.
The slow task queue execution problem that is happening on the Google Cloud Platform doesn’t appear to be confined to a specific data center or a region. The last 5 entries on the Google Cloud Platform blog appear to be a canned response, with the messages saying to check back for more updates at a later time for another update.
While only 1-10% of apps are impacted, its concerning that this issue has happened for as long as it has. It’s technically not an outage, so we are speculating that this incident will not count towards Google’s SLA.
Can Google Cloud Platform quickly recover?