Google Cloud Platform: There’s an App For That

Image Attribution: Flickr

Google Cloud Platform has announced a new app that will give customers instantaneous access to their to their cloud services. Google says that the app is still in test mode and that it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app is only available on Android however Google says that an iOS version will be released later this year.
Those who begin utilizing the app can view graphs, setup alerting and manage resources. If a cloud administrator needs to know when the CPU level of a virtual machine reaches a certain load for a certain amount of time, the app can instantly alert the administrator so that proper actions can be taken. The app integrates with Cloud Monitoring which can be used to send automatic tracking reports when incidents arise.
Michael Thomsen, Product Manager at Google writes, “When investigating an issue, you often need to check the health and properties of your resources, such as running state, zone or IP. The app supports viewing details and monitoring graphs for App Engine and Compute Engine instances. You can also invoke a number of core operations, such as changing the App Engine version or starting/stopping a Compute Engine instance.”
With the Google Cloud Platform app, you can easily get a high-level view of your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings. If you are a developer, being able to rapidly tap and shut down any test virtual machines that you may have left running will help you save on your monthly bill. It also gives you peace of mind because you aren’t constantly wondering if you left your servers running.
Google mentions that app is in beta version and there may be some bugs that arise. If you download the Google Cloud Platform app from the Google Play store, please report any suggestions, comments, and feedback to