Google Cloud Shifts Focus to Reliability, Security

When Google began its push into the public cloud computing marketplace, the internet search giant began competing with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS strictly on pricing. Once Google dropped its prices, the other companies followed suit.

Google has shifted their strategy from a pricing war with Amazon and Microsoft. Instead, Google will promote its ability to offer more secure solutions and enterprise solutions that are more robust than Microsoft and Amazon. Research seems to back this trend among Google Cloud users. In fact, a research white paper published by Radicati suggests that Google Email is already the number 1 choice for businesses who want to use a cloud email provider. When you take into account Microsoft’s push with Office 365 and the advanced Microsoft Outlook cloud functionality, it really makes you wonder if Google has hit a positive vibe with SME consumers who are looking for an alternative to the basic offerings of Amazon and Microsoft’s public cloud services.
Google realizes that customers want more flexibility as opposed to paying a lower price. Many business grade consumers realize that you get exactly what you pay for. Some clients are jaded by Microsoft’s licensing process and they find Google Cloud services to be an easier solution to implement.  Google isn’t just easier; the product has recently added support for the Hadoop storage connector while Cloudyn has added additional support into the Google Cloud Compute Engine.
Google seems to be doing the cloud right. While many consumers think of Google as a tech company, many analysts do not realize that Google is more of a research firm. Since Google can use their search engine to chart trends, they can use in-house data that accurately predicts the most popular featured needed by cloud users. Google is rapidly making advances in mobile cloud and enterprise technology on both the robustness and security fronts.  The platform has matured perpetually since being unveiled a couple years ago and additional features and functionality continue to be added daily.