Google Cloud: We’re the Price & Performance Leader of the Public Cloud

With AWS announcing it’s 51st overall price cut, Google Cloud Platform replied to the AWS price drop late Friday afternoon announcing that they were the “Price/Performance Leader of Public Cloud.”
Google’s bold claim comes amid what many cloud enthusiasts have called a Race to the Bottom in terms of pricing for public cloud services. Many experts expected Google, and subsequently Azure, to respond to AWS’s price cuts with discounts of their own.
Instead, Google took to its blogspot platform to tell the world that they offer comparable services to AWS at a lower price. The Google Cloud Platform blog post says:
“We’re anywhere from 15-41% less expensive than AWS for compute resources, after their reduction. We use automatic Sustained Usage Discounts and our new Custom Machine Types to ensure that we’re presenting exact spec-to-spec comparisons here, something AWS can’t match.”
The blog post goes on to display this image, which is a table depicting Google’s bold claim of being the undisputed Price/Performance Leader of the Public Cloud.
The cloud blogosphere has been set afire by Google’s shot at AWS. Google specifically says that AWS’s pricing structure could be considered an “Unpleasant Surprise.”
To be fair, Google further explains this comment by saying, “We often hear from customers who are locked into contracts and aren’t eligible for the new rates, or are stuck with instances that no longer fit their needs.”
Most cloud enthusiasts were surprised that Google defended its pricing structure, instead of deciding to further slash its own prices. We wrote about AWS’s 51st Price Slash as soon as the story broke last week.
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