Google Joins OpenStack Foundation as Corporate Sponsor

Image Attribution: Flickr

Google has announced that they have officially signed on to be a corporate sponsor of OpenStack. Joining companies like HP, IBM and others, Google and its engineers will contribute its expertise to the open source cloud software. Popular features such as software containerization and others will likely become baked into the OpenStack infrastructure.
With OpenStack, administrators can build out public and private clouds to suit their enterprise needs. One of the most popular implementations of OpenStack comes in the form of a hybrid cloud, where resources are hosted both on-site and in the public cloud.
Google is no stranger to the OpenStack community. Google has been involved with OpenStack projects such as Murano and Magnum. Earlier this year, Google presented a keynote address and a breakout session at the OpenStack Summit.
“By joining forces with the OpenStack Foundation we hope to add container-native patterns to the toolbelt of enterprise developers, and improve interoperability between public and private clouds,” says Craig McLuckie via the Google Cloud Platform blog.
“We will be working over the coming months with the community to integrate Kubernetes, as well as complementary container technologies, to create a stronger hybrid cloud,” adds McLuckie.
OpenStack is one of the fastest growing technologies in the cloud computing realm today. With Google signing on as a corporate sponsor of OpenStack, administrators can expect to see a shift in the way that apps are delivered. Although Docker has been widely used alongside OpenStack for sometime, Google’s sponsorship could mean that tighter integrations and more innovations in the world of containerization will begin to come to life.
The next OpenStack Summit will take place on October 27th through October 30th. Google will likely be in attendance at this event showing off some of their newest integrations inside of OpenStack. The conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan and the event should draw thousands of participants from all around the globe.