GTY Technology Holdings Is Now a New Addition to the Russell Microcap Index

GTY, a leader in the provision of vertical SaaS/Cloud solution for the public sector, is ready to fully become a part of Russell Microcap Index. It will be effective at market open July, 1st.

GTY Technology Holdings Inc. is a leading public sector SaaS company that is well known as a cloud-based suite of solutions for North American local and state governments.

Bonfire happens to be a leader in strategic sourcing as well as procurement technology. It is known for empowering organizations to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing.

In possession of tools to backup the entire vendor lifecycle (contract management, sourcing and vendor performance), Bonfire extends beyond traditional mechanics to ensure complex decision making becomes easier. Bonfire functions just the way one does on a single cloud platform, created to unite stakeholders, take in compliance requirements, as well as facilitate advanced evaluation techniques.

CityBase provides businesses as well as people with an intuitive way to work with government agencies and utilities. CityBase’s technology drastically makes constituent services better digital services, payment solutions, and API development for states, cities and utilities.

As for eCivis, Since 2000, it has remained the most widely used and trusted SaaS grant management system by state, tribal and local governments. eCivis assists thousands of government agencies make the best use of their grant revenues, keep good track their financial and program performance, work on cost allocation plans and budgets, and gain access to free open data tools in a bid to make sense of Federal data.