Guidewire Software Partners With MirrrorMe

Guidewire is a global network of specific organizations that provide its clients with services such as  consulting services and solutions to help them enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products. They recently will join in a partnership with MirrorMe as a means to complementing their service delivery.

According to Becky Mattick, senior director, solution alliances, Guidewire Software, “We welcome MirrorMe as our newest Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner. MirrorMe’s Ready for Guidewire add-on provides claims adjusters with a seamless integration to intuitive tools to help collect claims evidence, and we are pleased that these capabilities are now available to our joint insurer clients who are continually looking to increase their customer service levels.”

Robert Chea, founder and chief executive officer, MirrorMe also said, “Our partnership with Guidewire is a testament to our continued commitment to helping insurers improve every step of the customer experience. Our app-free solution enables insurers to obtain the right data and evidence from policyholders and service providers, so they can efficiently make informed decisions and quickly settle claims.”

The MirrorMe organization deliver services by transforming the insurance claims process with mobile claim reporting that improves productivity and delivers better decision support at every stage of the claim lifecycle. 

Specific aims to be achieved through this partnership is to ensure that insurers using the MirrorMe Ready for Guidewire integration can:

  • Enable policyholders to capture claim details at their convenience through photo claim workflows;
  • Empower adjusters to conduct real-time conversations via live video collaboration; and
  • Keep customers engaged with the claim process through Web Vision’s automated task reminders and status updates.