HackSurfer Brings NSA Grade Security to Your Cloud

HackSurfer was co-founded by a former NSA security analyst named Jason Polancich and his vision is to make his client’s cloud impenetrable. Although HackSurfer started out as a bootstrapped startup, HackSurfer has recently made headlines for recently receiving $3.5 million in venture capital.

HackSurfer employs 20 people, half of which are also former NSA analysts. This team has used their wits to provide a collection of tools to its clients that allow them to have expert insight into the most sophisticated attacks that cyber criminals are current utilizing. HackSurfer’s premier product is a SaaS software offering entitled CyberFact Data Model. This offering gives agencies a secure, cloud-based approach to data management and data security.

“We’re not a single system but a platform – a collection of data information, storage, and analytics tools. HackSurfer is designed to address risk intelligence and bridge the gap between systems, tools, and data that exist at the lower level [and the higher level],” says Polancich.

In relation to HackSurfer’s abilities to sniff out the most sophisticated attacks, Polancich mentions, “The other side of the coin is your vulnerabilities to those things. We take information from end users and match that to our systems trending cybercrime. [We] provide a one-stop, high-level picture of what is going on in the world.”

Although Polancich’s company is head-quartered not too far from the NSA’s Ft. Meade, Maryland headquarters, Polancich realized that he must integrate former security analysts from the private sector in order to provide a full umbrella of offerings that can conform to an ever-changing cloud landscape. HackSurfer’s employees are spread out all over the globe and Polancich realizes that his diverse staff is what will keep HackSurfer ahead of the competition. What does HackSurfer plan on doing with the $3.5 million in capital that it has received? That’s for HackSurfer to know and you to find out.