HARMAN Remote Vehicle Improves HD Map Updates for Connected Vehicles

Harman has began the month with great news for tech enthusiasts, especially car manufacturers. A new product has been launched by Harman; Smart Delta for Maps for connected vehicles. The new product will give car manufacturers the ability to push new HD Maps Updates at a better frequency, so drivers can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date information, which includes ongoing road works, available spots for parking and other relevant up-to-date information; all near real time.

Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has definitely made a massive hit with this new product as the new product is resource-efficient and is also currently one of the company’s industry leading Over-The-Air (OTA) solutions. The company which is focused on connected technology for automotive, customer and enterprise markets has created a solution that is sure to resolve the major issues faced by Smart Delta for Maps. Some of these problems include limited size updates and problems in updating over intermittent LTE or Wi-Fi coverage.

This new solution by Harman can reduce the size of a map update to 2.5% of the actual map image in a secure and failsafe manner. The update process that once took days to occur can now occur near real-time with this new product.

While one would wonder why the use of a complex map is required when one can simply understand simple maps a user would opt for every day, a good reminder is that as one reaches level 3 or 4 semi-autonomous vehicles, the need to make quick decisions while driving will increase, hence the need for more detailed, specific and accurate maps.

Maps can take as high as 8-20GBS of data. As for Harman’s new solution, it can easily integrate with the map provider’s OTA service. This would allow the OEM to leverage this new technology and continue to ensure their customer’s navigation system is up-to-date.