Hiber To Begin Commercial Trials on Global Scale

Hiber is a ‘NewSpace’ start-up that was founded and led by a dream team of satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs. The organisation which was formerly known as Magnitude Space focuses on launching and running a nano-satellite constellation in space. 

According to Laurens Groenendijk, the Managing Director Commercial and co-founder at Hiber (and co-founder of JustEat and Treatwell), “We are extremely proud to announce that after only 3 years of hard work, Hiberband is the first network of its kind to become operational on a global scale. We have the team, partners, technology and regulatory building blocks in place to shortly be the industry leader. With full freedom to operate everywhere in the world, we are looking forward to supporting our customers wherever they need to be.”

Two networks will be introduced by the organisation, named Hiberband Direct and a gateway solution called Hiberband Via. The Hiberband Direct consists a modem and antenna that can communicate directly.with the pre-existing satellites while the Hiberband Via functions using the LoRa, which is an IoT connectivity network, or Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi. The first two satellites were launched in November and December, 2018 while the third and fourth satellites will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Sotiris Bantas, CEO at Centaur Analytics said, “Earth’s growing population combined with climate change is placing enormous stress on the world’s food supply chain. The lack of transparency in the chain is causing about one third of the crops in the world to be wasted before consumption. Together with Hiber, we are now able to effectively monitor crops after harvest globally – no matter the location. This means that Centaur and Hiber together combat food waste and promote sustainability, while at the same time providing new business opportunities for producers, traders, and CPG companies.”