Hitachi Data Systems Introduces Cost Effective Private Cloud Storage Enhancements

Organizations that utilize storage built by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) will be happy to learn that HDS has announced new enhancements for its Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). The benefits for administrators wanting to make the upgrade will be flexibility, additional security features and content mobility.
HDS says that its Hitachi Content Platform is a scalable solution that organizations can use to start small and build up their on-premises data center whenever the need arises. Did you know that a single HCP S30 could offer your organization more than 450 petabytes worth of storage?

HDS also mentions that SSD drives can be added into your array, making your data available to end users quickly. By having nodes available that can be expanded to hundreds of petabytes, HDS gives your business the ability to compete with public cloud storage offerings on price. When you compare the costs of the HCP S30 and the HCP G10 from HDS, you can easily justify buying onsite storage versus paying about the same costs for storage in the public cloud.

“We are committed to expanding the depth and breadth of our data mobility solution portfolio by embracing and extending support for commodity hardware, open source technologies and public cloud,” says Peter Sjoberg, CTO, Cloud and Mobility, Hitachi Data Systems.

“The HCP portfolio remains the industry’s only single vendor solution that is tightly integrated for data mobility and enables customers to maintain visibility and control of their data no matter where their content resides,” Sjoberg added.
The Hitachi Content Platform also gives organizations a compliant solution that is designed to meet strict industry privacy rules. Hitachi’s vision for the Content Platform is to provide object storage, file sync and gateways into the private cloud architecture that create a secure file sharing experience for enterprises all around the world.