HivelO And Getech Partners To Improve Quality Of Technology in Higher Education Institutions

According to Darrel Felton who is the Technical Consultant at Getech Education,  “This is an exciting partnership for both organization. HiveIO provides a true alternative to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure and is built for today’s education needs. Institutions can increase access to specialist teaching software and provide students with a new breed of high-powered virtual desktops securely, no matter their location.”

Getech Education is a well known independent supplier of services to the higher education sector across the whole UK. Services supplied by them includes software, hardware and even different forms of support services to their clients.

This partnership, powered by Lenovo hardware solutions, will help to advance the rate of growth of the educational sector by delivering them with the best virtual desktop technology.

Dan Newton, CEO at HiveIO, said, “I was immediately impressed with the level of knowledge and understanding— that went far beyond just the technology— that Getech has in the education space. Their focus and commitment to continuously exceed expectations for institutions and their students mirrors our values and approach to partnering with customers.”

Using the HivelO platform known as the Hive Fabric Intelligence Virtualization solutions as its major tool, clients no longer require the use of specialists before utilizing the technology of virtual desktop to produce results. The Hive Fabric can be fully installed and activated within 45mins, after which an IT generalist can then begin work on it. The platform is one that utilizes advancement in artificial intelligence for its enhancement.

HivelO is a company that is fully known for its unique service delivery which includes the deployment of intelligence specialization without the need for specialists. Based in New Jersey, the organization makes data services less complex while also providing scalable power for effective operations running.