Hosted Call Recording Now Available on Broadvoice

Image Attribution: Flickr

Broadvoice operates a global telecommunications network and one of the most popular technologies being offered by Broadvoice is its Cloud PBX Service. With Broadvoice, businesses can build their call center infrastructure in the cloud without having to worry about infrastructure onsite.
One of the latest features being offered by Broadvoice is its call recording solution for the Cloud PBX system. Broadvoice partnered with OrecX to deliver their call recording solution within Broadvoice’s Cloud PBX offerings. For only $4.95 extra per month, per line. Businesses can enjoy hosted call recording.
When organizations utilize Broadvoice, they can now elect to have their called recorded without having to add on any additional hardware. For call centers that operate in heavily regulated fields, having recorded phone calls is an absolute must for compliance reasons. Rapidly building and deploying an on-site solution for call recording means that you must allocate SAN and server resources to achieve the task. An onsite call recording project can get expensive.
“The concept of only recording calls inside the office is obsolete. Today’s workforce mixes in-office agents with teleworkers, over a variety of call platforms,” says Jim Murphy, Broadvoice CEO.
“Our Hosted Call Recording solution capture the calls regardless of device or location. The partnership with OrecX allows us to leverage their deep integration with our MetaSwitch IP Telephony platform and deliver a seamless solution to our customers,” adds Murphy.
With Broadvoice, businesses can store their call recordings in the cloud. Since Broadvoice offers a Cloud hosted PBX system, organizations can deploy softphones for users that wish to work remotely. Hardware phones are also an option, with the phone being preprogrammed to hit your Broadvoice Cloud PBX.
Broadvoice makes it easy for agents to work anywhere. With cloud hosted call recording, your compliance and review team can now listen to customer calls from any location that has an internet connection.