HotelTap Uses Cloud to Streamline the Hospitality Industry

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cloud’s impact on innovation within the hospitality industry is rapidly changing the way hotels run their internal operations.
HotelTap is a cloud based app that gives hotels the ability to have all of their day to day workflows presented to them on a single pane of glass.
HotelTap’s creator, Sandip Jariwala, actually owns a chain of Wyndham hotels, and his experiences as an owner are what inspired him to create HotelTap.
So what does HotelTap do for the hospitality industry?
HotelTap gives staff and management a new way to resolve issues on the property. Since customer satisfaction is always the number one priority, HotelTap focuses on bettering processes that directly impact the customer and provide them with a positive experience.
For example, customer complaints are presented to staff using a social media like portal. The portal resembles Yammer, Twitter or other microblogging platforms.
By presenting information in real time using the HotelTap app, management can quickly identify problem areas in the hotel and take steps to remediate any issues. Since HotelTap resides in the cloud, managers can gain real time analytics on the critical numbers that impact their day to day operations.
HotelTap isn’t being widely used just yet. In fact, the Quality Inn in Vacaville, CA is one of the first hotels in America to try out the new cloud based workflow management tools for the hospitality industry.
“HotelTap is an exceptional product, and I see it adding tremendous value to full service hotels,” says Richard Caldwell, General Manager of the Quality Inn Suites in Vacaville.
“The bigger the hotel, the more departments it has; the more departments, the bigger the need for streamlined communications. Our administrative office, front desk, housekeeping and maintenance teams are finally in sync, and we know what each other is doing – or needs to be doing — at all times. There is absolutely no limit to what HotelTap can do or how it can be used,” added Caldwell.
HotelTap will likely find itself being used in more hotels all across the country. HotelTap uses cloud to give hotel management the tools they need to succeed.