HP Elite x3 Reinvents BYOD, Work from Anywhere and Enterprise Mobility

HP Inc. has announced its latest mobile computing device, the HP Elite x3. At first glance, it may seem as if HP is putting their technology up against Apple, Samsung and others. When you look more closely, it appears that HP is targeting mobile device users who are tired of carrying a mobile phone, a tablet and a laptop.
The HP Elite x3 is built for the enterprise and the new mobile device is being debuted at the Mobile World Conference happening this week in Barcelona, Spain. HP’s Elite x3 bridges tablets, laptops and telecommunication devices into one platform, giving power users the ability to only carry one device.
The HP Elite x3 comes with a Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 System on Chip (SoC), 64GBs of internal memory (expandable to 2TBs) and a 4,150mAh battery has the ability to charge wirelessly. The mobile device is outfitted with Windows 10 mobile and the platform comes with Salesforce’s CRM app Salesforce1 preinstalled.
HP Workspace is a new service that will be added to the device. This gives business users the ability to run virtualized business applications on their mobile device, thus circumventing a native limitation of the Windows 10 mobile platform. Enterprise users can also buy a docking station for the device, which allows you to hook up monitors, keyboards, mice and more.
“Our customer insights indicated that there are a group of commercial customers where their needs for mobility and PC-level productivity are not being met,” mentions Michael Park, vice president and general manager of Mobility, HP Inc.
“The HP Elite x3 is where we see the future of computing heading — one device that can truly act like every device: a modern technology solution for a mobile-centric workplace combined with greater benefits for IT,” Park went on to say.
HP Inc. says that the Elite x3 will go on sale this summer, however, the price point for this device has yet to be determined.