HP Enterprise and Microsoft Team Up on Windows 10 Solutions

Image Attribution: Flickr

Windows 10 has been on the market for several weeks now. Is your organization getting the most out of this robust operating system?
HP Enterprise and Microsoft have announced a new deal to help businesses take full advantage of the built in cloud, mobility and productivity solutions that are baked into the Windows 10 operating system.
Windows 10 has already netted a 110M users worldwide. In order to continue growing, Microsoft found that it was critical to help Windows 10 get recognized in the enterprise so that organizations can see the real value in utilizing Windows 10.
“HPE and Microsoft can now offer enterprises a portfolio of tightly integrated services and solutions, designed to modernize and streamline their workflows and accelerate the transformation of their enterprise for continued growth,” writes Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.
“The strength of Windows 10, as well as the combined assets and capabilities of HPE and Microsoft, will help enterprise customers deploy seamless solutions that are amongst the industries best on any screen,” Hauser added.

Services & Benefits for Windows 10

In the HPE/Microsoft partnership, the two companies will cooperate on the following:
Windows 10 Consulting: Businesses can transform their workflows using the cloud on their Windows 10 desktops. Consultants can help businesses realize the added value of cloud apps.
Cloud and Mobility Consulting: Can your workload be achieved using cloud resources? Could hosting your application in the cloud help your business become more efficient? What about mobile apps for your employees. Microsoft and HPE can help you navigate these decision making processes.
Industry Orientation: If you’re in health care, you must follow HIPAA, if you’re in finance, you could be subject to Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX). Let Microsoft and HPE create an industry specific solution that is tailored towards delivering the services your end users need while staying within the bounds of your industries regulations.