HP Enterprise Announces Docker Integration and Support

HP Enterprise has just announced a comprehensive set of features and functionalities for cloud that spans software, storage and services optimized for containers.
With Docker being rapidly adopted in today’s development environments, HP Enterprise is looking to capitalize on this trend by including a wide array of offerings and support for the popular containerization platform.
HP Enterprise will build out software, storage and services that utilize Docker. HP has named these services with support for Docker as being:

  • HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0 w/ Docker Support
  • HPE StormRunner and HPE AppPulse for Docker
  • Remote Docker Swarm cluster monitoring with HPE Sitescope
  • HPE Codar for Docker
  • Docker Machine plugin for HPE Composable Infrastructure
  • Persistent storage for Docker containerized apps
  • Enterprise-grade container support
  • Docker Reference Architecture
  • Docker Reference Guide

“Containers are changing the way applications are developed and managed, bridging the gap between IT and developers and helping organizations accelerate their pace of innovation,” says Martin Fink, EVP and CTO, HPE.
“Hewlett Packard Enterprise is embracing and extending Docker capabilities by providing a comprehensive set of enterprise class tools and services to help customers develop, test and run Docker environments at enterprise scale,” Fink concluded.
Docker has become rapidly utilized in organizations because developers and system administrators commonly run into the problem of being asked to run a service or system that isn’t compatible with the organizations underlying infrastructure.
When organizations utilize cloud services that offer support for Docker, containerized versions of these incompatible apps can run thus allowing your enterprise to enjoy the benefits of running services across platforms.
Since applications are portable with Docker, businesses can test out application in the cloud and move them on-site, or vice versa.
Using HPE’s hybrid cloud systems with support for Docker, organizations of any size can begin installing, developing and utilizing containerized applications for their business.