HP Enterprise Unveils Its New Innovative Approach to Cyber Security

HP Enterprise has just announced its new Cyber Security portfolio that is designed to help businesses stop malicious activities dead in their tracks.
HP Enterprise will be touting its vast offering of security products at the RSA conference currently happening in San Francisco.
Industry research says that cyber security solutions will be implemented into all of the new emerging technology. IoT devices seem to be a strong focus of HP Enterprise’s cyber security portfolio and for good reason: IDC expects IoT spending to eclipse $2.6B by 2019.
HPE’s Cyber Reference Architecture has been introduced to provide a framework for securing cloud, machine to machine communications, IoT and other types of emerging computing technologies. HPE says that its Cyber Reference Architecture can defeat even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks on your network.
One of the hot button issues being discussed around IT water coolers is the alarming amount of data that mobile devices generate and collect. HPE’s response to this emerging problem is HPE SecureData Mobile. Organizations can rest at ease knowing that all of their data is being encrypted on mobile devices when they implement SecureData Mobile.
This end-to-end encryption suite ensures the privacy of sensitive data while affording users the ability to work from anywhere in the world. HPE also uses Format-Preserving Encryption to ensure that only minimal modifications are made to existing applications, allowing your main line of business apps to work seamlessly with HPE’s mobile security products.
“Organizations need a risk and resiliency roadmap that goes beyond this traditional focus and builds security into every layer of the IT stack — From the infrastructure to the apps to the data — along with comprehensive detection and response capabilities that will drive the next generation of intelligence-driven security operations,” mentions Sue Barsamian, SVP and GM of HPE Security Products.
Another product that Hewlett Packard Enterprise is touting is HPE’s ArcSight platform. With ArcSight, enterprises can institute an umbrella of offerings that ensures data and systems security both in the public and private cloud. To learn more about HPE’s innovative security solutions, visit the HPE Security website for additional details.