HP Helion CloudSystem 9.0 Provides Additional Support for OpenStack Developers

Image Attribution: Flickr

Organizations looking to integrate their workloads into an enterprise cloud solution can now do so using the HP Helion CloudSystem 9.0. With the release of the Helion CloudSystem 9.0, HP has also released the new HP CovergedSystem 700 platform, which works hand in hand with the CloudSystem 9.0.
HP says that its new CloudSystem 9.0 integrates HP’s flavor of OpenStack into your environment. This gives administrators the ability to build an enterprise-ready private cloud. Organizations can easily deploy IaaS or PaaS within their environments in order to gain additional efficiencies.
With the HP CloudSystem 9.0, businesses can easily convert their IT assets into cloud based assets, giving organizations a leg up when they decide to make the switch. CloudSystem 9.0 was built for enterprise development teams, as the platform supports several cloud native application languages.
The HP CloudSystem 9.0 helps organizations balance their cloud migrations. CloudSystem 9.0 was designed to be diverse and flexible, ensuring that your organization has the right tools available to them in order to do the job.
CloudSystem 9.0 integrates into different hypervisors, allowing organizations to continue using the virtualization tools that they’ve been accustomed to using. One of the biggest draws for the CloudSystem 9.0 release is its ability for developers to communicate with the cloud platform directly through the API. This allows organizations to leverage OpenStack in an on-demand fashion while gaining access to powerful interfaces such as Cloud Foundry.
One of the biggest draws for the new CloudSystem 9.0 is its ability to for administrators to see important details about their private cloud environment on one simple, easy to use screen. Using the HP OneView technology, organizations can gain insight into when they should deploy additional servers into their mix, including support for bare metal servers. HP makes it easy to manage your cloud environment with the new CloudSystem 9.0 suite.