HP Overtakes Cisco as Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Revenue

Image Attribution: Flickr

A new report published by Synergy Research Group dives into the details concerning the market leaders in the cloud infrastructure arena.
Up until recently, Cisco was the undisputed leader within this category with HP in 2nd place. Over the past few quarters, HP has caught pace and analysts at Synergy Research Group (SRG) believe that HP has overtaken Cisco as the top vendor of cloud infrastructure. HP’s share of the cloud infrastructure market sits at 13% worldwide while SRG says that Cisco fell 1% point to 12%.
Within the data published by SRG, it appears that the majority of Cisco’s cloud infrastructure market share lays within public cloud deployments while HP’s hold on the market lies within the private cloud deployment segment. While HP can be considered the new leader in cloud infrastructure revenue, the market itself has experienced a rapid rise in growth. SRG mentions that cloud infrastructure revenues have risen 25% year over year.
“Cisco continues to ride these waves very successfully, but what has enabled HP to grab the lead is the fact that servers and storage account for almost two thirds of the market and HP is now rapidly evolving its huge business in these segments,” writes Jeremy Duke, Chief Analyst at Synergy Research Group.
“By contrast, Cisco dominates the relatively much smaller networking segment, while its burgeoning cloud server business still lags far behind HP in scale. The good news for all vendors is that this huge market is growing rapidly and in aggregate the two leaders only account for a quarter of it — much the same as they did a year ago,” adds Duke.
Competitors in this market include Microsoft, DELL, VMware, Lenovo, EMC and others. Synergy says that 89% of the cloud infrastructure market consists of servers, storage, OD and networking components. More information on this report can be found on Synergy Research Group’s website.