HRsoft Uses Cloud to Help Organizations Recruit Talent

Image Attribution: Flickr

HRsoft is produces cloud based software that helps organizations recruit the best talent within their respective industries. In efforts to expand its outreach, HRsoft has announced that it has partnered with eQuest in order to target a worldwide audience. EQuest will help HRsoft with its world wide distribution of job postings so that HRsoft clients can gain access to best up and coming talents within their industries.
One of HRsoft’s top products is called RECRUITview. With the eQuest partnership, those that have RECRUITview can post job openings to different job boards and social media websites. Through the RECRUITview interface, HRsoft clients can also gain access to university job boards, which enables businesses to locate the most talented individuals who are coming right out of college.
“Distribution of job postings has become an important step in the recruiting process for employers. It allows employers to connect with the best candidates and make improved hiring decisions. We are pleased to partner with eQuest, a company with great technology and terrific services in this area,” says David Kennedy, CEO of HRsoft.
Since HRsoft’s products are hosted within the cloud, businesses can now gain access to on-demand analytics in regards to their recruiting operations. HRsoft says that it provides candidate sourcing metrics, analytics, and predictive analysis tools that help businesses make the right decisions when it comes to selecting the best candidate.
HRsoft is tailored for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). With HRsoft, SMBs can gain the upper hand in recruiting talent that may otherwise go to another organization. For existing RECRUITview customers, HRsoft is giving a free trial to the eQuest advantage network that will last until December 31st 2015. Being able to access the eQuest Advantage Network instantly expands a SMBs recruiting efforts worldwide by instantly giving the position the exposure it needs.