Huawei Allowed to Bid on India 5G Rollout

A lot of western countries have blacklisted Huawei since their government’s public trade war with the United States went into high gear. India doesn’t think the Chinese tech giant is a threat and has invited the enterprise to bid on their latest 5G rollout. The reprieve may be the lifeline the company needs to weather the storm of being held in contempt by a large volume of Western governments.

A Massive Market at Stake

India is the most populated country in the world and the second-largest internet market around the globe behind China. While most western governments have been eager to aid the US in their trade campaign against China, India has been a notable holdout. The country hadn’t outright stated that it would ban the telecommunications company from participating in its 5G trials. Recently, an executive of one of India’s most prominent telecom operators gave the company a ringing endorsement.

Growth Still Happening

Huawei is likely to see increases in its sales over the next quarter, despite the difficulty in doing business with some regions. The company notes that it has managed to secure over fifty (50 new 5G contracts around the globe. While larger countries seem to be wary about doing business with the company, smaller nations aren’t so picky about their business partners. Once Huawei’s prices are reasonable, they are almost sure to be accepted by these smaller countries, which have less of a political stake in the US-China trade war.

European countries have been on the fence about including the company in its 5G programs. However, a German company recently announced that it had no intention of cutting Huawei as a supplier for their 5G equipment going forward. The closeness with which the Chinese government interacts with Huawei, along with the company’s involvement in the Hong Kong protests earlier this year, has given many countries things to think about before doing business with the electronics giant.