Huawei’s Harmony OS Will Debut on a Smart TV

Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently invested a lot of time and money into developing a proprietary operating system. The move comes as a response to sanctions being levied on the company due to their close relationship with the Chinese government, which may result in them losing the ability to license Google’s Android OS for their handsets. The company’s development of Harmony OS was initially announced for smartphones, but recent statements have made it clear that the OS won’t be coming to smartphones at all this year. Instead, the company may include it in TVs and smart wearables for the European market.

A Smart Move to Lay Low

At current, Google’s Android OS rules the roost for mobile devices and technology. It’s so ubiquitous that users can access Android and its hundreds of iterations for handsets on most devices. Harmony OS aims to be a cross-platform competitor to Android, but to do so, it would need to pick its time to enter the market. Staying under the radar for a little while and letting speculation (and hype) take its course might be a prudent strategy from Huawei to build interest in the technology.

Smart TV Debut for Harmony

Huawei’s Honor Vision Smart TV may be the first device the company rolls out that takes advantage of the new operating system. The TV has a wide range of features, such as a retractable camera (in the Pro version) and 4K Quantum Dot (VA) panels, manufactured by Samsung. What makes the TV stand out is how much like a smartphone it is in its presentation and the features it offers to users.

While no release date or pricing for the European market has come from Huawei to date, consumers can expect to see these products appear on shelves soon. For Huawei, timing is crucial, since they want to present an affordable alternative to other smart TVs on the market. There isn’t any word on service integrations from Western companies with Harmony OS, and the company should make their stance on those clearer to consumers before launch.