Huddle Desktop Uses Cloud to Connect Your Desktop Apps

Image Attribution: Flickr

Many organizations use products such as Microsoft Office that is installed directly on the desktop. Although cloud versions of Office products exist, Huddle Desktop takes desktop cloud integration a step further by adding cloud directly into these apps. The Huddle Desktop enables instant collaboration, secure file sharing and rapid desktop search feature.
Imagine you’re tasked with writing a Word document and you need some help on a specific topic. With Huddle, you can instantly collaborate with those in your group which enables organizations to work faster and more efficiently. Huddle gives organizations the ability to save different versions, make comments, perform edits on the fly and more.
Another cool feature found within Huddle is its file sharing capabilities. Sharing files within and outside of the enterprise securely is becoming a popular discussion point among CIOs. Given the fact that research has shown that employees who do not have cloud implemented can sometimes resort to their own sharing methods, such as hosting files on DropBox or Google Drive, it’s becoming important for organizations to implement their own cloud sharing solutions. By providing employees a secure, trackable method in which they can publically share files, Huddle keeps organizations safe and secure by being able to limit who see what files (and when they can see it).
“Huddle Desktop is all about personal productivity: the app provides instant access to recent work, allows users to manage offline availability, prevents version conflicts, and enables you to search all of your online Huddle content,” says Stuart Cochran, CTO of Huddle.
“Huddle’s cross-platform recent files feature also means you can pick up on a document that you were just reading on your iPad, and start editing it on your Windows PC or Mac immediately,” Cochran explains.
Huddle Desktop is being described as a bridge for the desktop and the cloud. Huddle makes finding your files a breeze. Since users are able to instantly search for file hosted in the cloud from their desktop, users will never waste time trying to figure out where they saved a particular document. More info about Huddle Desktop can be found on Huddle’s website.