Hybrid is the Future of Cloud

A new Microsoft sponsored research project pinged over 2,000 IT professional for their views and opinions on public and private cloud. While Microsoft paid for the research, it was 451 Research who reached out to the IT pros in over 11 countries. The report is titled “Hosting and Cloud Go Mainstream: 2014” and a PDF of the entire report can be found here.

The report contains some good nuggets of data that suggest hybrid cloud is becoming main stream much more quickly than expected. The report queried professionals in developing countries as well those inside of the USA. The report mentions that 26% of IT spending was concentrated on acquiring private cloud hardware. The report went on to say that the adaptation of on-premises private cloud will continue grow at a rapid rate over the next 2 years. In regards to public cloud solutions, the report shows that at least 65% of respondents from regions all around the globe have implemented SaaS in some shape or form.

Michele Bailey was a research analyst with 451 Research on this specific project. She commented on companies’ use of the public cloud by saying, “They have a short ramp-up cycle, but they also die quickly. [Hosted cloud services] are a way customers can launch business initiatives quickly, without a lot of risk and upfront cost.” Bailey noted that the rise of a new Hybrid cloud will soon become popular.

Bailey is credited with noticing a trend in which organizations are using a “Private-To-Private” hybrid cloud model instead of the traditional “Private-To-Public” hybrid cloud. With large corporations building out their own datacenters in order to use the private cloud, it only makes sense that if they have to build out multiple datacenters all across the world, these datacenters would need to be able to talk to each other.