IBM Announces Plans to Build Cloud Platforms Based on Specific Industries

Industry specific clouds will be the next big offering from Big Blue. By integrating directly into the specific industry of the business, IBM can provide cloud solutions that meet industry standards. Whether it’s the consumer field, the education field or the Big Data field, IBM has a cloud that is specifically tailored for the needs of your industry.
This new method of rolling out industry clouds helps IBM show specific businesses a specific cloud migration lifecycle, which accurately guides that company through their journey into the cloud. IBM says that their new cloud for industries can enable new revenue streams for some businesses, while others will save money by streamlining workflows using the cloud. IBM’s website says that Big Blue is working with over 20 specific industries and more information can be found on IBM’s Cloud Business Solutions website.
In addition to this announcement, IBM has also opened it’s first Cloud Business Innovation Center in Bangalore. IBM mentions that these globally positioned Cloud Business Innovation Centers will help businesses interact with IBM and show IBM exactly what they need in order to excel in international business.
“Our portfolio of Cloud Business Solutions is a recognition of the mandate for speed and time to value, along with the requirement of clients to personalize business solutions to their own processes and culture and deploy them via the cloud,” mentions Sanjay Rishi, a Managing Partner in Cloud Consulting Services with IBM Global Business Services.
“Our new IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center will help us co-create with our clients, addressing their unique needs with tailored solutions, delivered on the cloud for fast results,” adds Rishi
Cloud analysts speculate that IBM’s recent partnership with Box may have something to with IBM’s foray into clouds of industry. If you check out the Box website, you’ll notice that Box has built several custom features of industry specific clouds, however, it is still to be determined if Box will be part of these integrations.