IBM Announces Lineup of Watson Based Cloud Apps

IBM’s Watson first gained notoriety by competing on the television show Jeopardy. Watson is a computer engine that is designed to handle advance artificial intelligence tasks. IBM has transitioned Watson from Jeopardy champion into being the driving force behind today’s most advanced cloud computing applications.

IBM has published three applications that use Watson. The first generation of Watson based cloud applications are individually known as Watson Discovery Advisor, Watson Analytics and Watson Explorer.
Watson Discovery Advisor was made for the research and development departments of  pharmaceutical companies. The application will help improve the time in which drugs are brought to the market. Much of the work around pharmaceuticals involves data sets and Watson can handle and process these data sets at a much more accelerated pace than what is currently the industry norm.
Watson Analytics is the cloud application that turns raw data into useful and meaningful data. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it is available in real time and this can be quite useful to organizations that have not had access  to these types of reports. IBM has designed this application so that it is interactive and intuitive. Organizations can use these analytics to collaborate on demand.
Watson Explorer gives its users an intuitive look at data in the Watson Cloud. You can setup specific queries to look at your data from new perspectives to help improve productivity. A slew of advanced features exist that allow you to manipulate and present this data.
IBM has been all over the news headlines in early 2014. Big Blue recently announced that they will be investing a $1 billion in cloud computing in 2014. This investment, coupled with the release of Watson in the cloud, will allow IBM to gain an even greater share of the ever expanding cloud computing market.