IBM & Box: A Match Made in the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

IBM and Box have announced that they will be working together to share their respective technologies across each others platforms. One of the immediate gains for Box is the ability to use Watson Analytics within their platform.
Box specializes in providing cloud storage solutions for specific industries. For example, the Box website mentions that they specifically service Education, Healthcare, Legal and more. Box will be able to integrate the Watson Analytics technology into its robust storage platform, giving end users a more intelligent experience.
Box will be able to use IBM’s security, analytic and social tool products throughout its own enterprise. IBM users will be able to gain access to Box features and functionalities, while working within their own cloud.
With this new partnership, IBM gets to integrate Box as storage method in BlueMix apps. BlueMix, the popular open source cloud development platform, gets the ability to include Box as a storage method using Box APIs. IBM also gets to use Box within its IBM Verse enterprise email system.
“Today, we’re teaming up with IBM to deliver world-class solutions to transform how enterprises work in the cloud. We’re taking the best of Box’s technology and combining it with IBM’s impressive portfolio,” wrote Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of Box.
Levie goes on to hint that the teaming up of IBM and Box had been in the works for quite some time.
Levie wrote, “This partnership represents the work of hundreds of individuals over the past nine months, bringing together the strengths of two very different but similarly-motivated companies.”
The logo for the new official partnership features both the Box and IBM logos with the subtitle, “Transforming Work.” Diagrams, pictures and deep dives are available at the new Box plus IBM website.