IBM Doubles Down on Big Data: Acquires Cloud Data Specialist Aspera

IBM is doing everything that it can to become the number 1 vendor for private and hybrid cloud systems. With the acquisition of the ultra-fast data transfer company named Aspera, it only solidifies IBM’s efforts to make the enterprise cloud and Big Data work together seamlessly. Look for Big Blue to focus its efforts more on the big data side of the cloud computing world as this sector will probably become more profitable due to the fact that the cloud computing market is expected to triple in the next few years.  Big Data gives enterprises of all sizes a leg up on their competition because it gives them access to data that may not have been available to them in the past. IBM is confident that enterprises can use the power of the cloud to mine and manipulate Big Data so that it can be used to find new profit streams, expand current profit margins or find new pathways to customers.

The sale price of Aspera was not disclosed in the press release sent out by IBM. Aspera first opened its doors back in 2004 and the firm boasts that it has around 2,000 clients. Online sources show that Aspera has 8 figure revenues in the $10-$20M range and that the company currently employs between 100-250 people.
The acquisition of Aspera will help IBM as it aims to give its customers the ability to process and view Big Data without bottlenecks. IBM and Aspera seem to believe that companies who get their data faster can make better decisions concerning the direction of their company. The marriage between IBM and Aspera represents a significant step forward in Big Blue’s corporate cloud initiative. Acquisitions such as this are designed to strengthen the fabric of the corporate cloud and assure those companies who have Big Data projects that their data can be viewed easily and efficiently without incident. This move by IBM and Aspera will help move cloud computing out of the fringe and into the mainstream.