IBM Introduces New Server Hardware, Software for Hybrid Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Although IBM has made its exit from low-end server hardware, IBM still manufactures more robust server hardware. Big Blue has announced that it will manufacture high end cloud server hardware and software that is designed for hybrid cloud environments.
IBM’s assortment of servers, software and middleware are designed to help businesses easily adopt hybrid cloud. IBM mentions that there are a variety of reasons an organization would want to build a hybrid cloud. Mobile, Big Data and other types of operations are best suited for hybrid cloud infrastructures.
IBM’s New Products
IBM has released the Power System E850. Big Blue describes this system as being the industry’s first ever 4-socket system that provides flexible capacity and up to 70% of core utilization. IBM notes that the Power System E850 helps medium to large organizations host multi-tenant workloads. The Power System E850 can handle large, in-memory databases since it comes installed with 4TB of memory.
The IBM Power System E880 has also been announced. The E880 allows organizations to build a server that has up to 192 cores. IBM believes that its Power System E880 will allow organizations to host data intensive workloads. IBM says that IBM DB2 and BLU Acceleration show perfect linear scaling in tests. IBM says that the system experiences “no loss of efficiency when scaling at this level — a capability that is not possible on commodity platforms.”
In addition to these new products, IBM has also announced that IBM’s PurePOWER system, the IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, IBM XIV GEN 3 and Big Storage Technology Preview. Each of these software titles will help organizations gain deep insights into their hybrid cloud.
IBM mentions that flexible licensing terms could be on the way for many of its hybrid cloud software titles. Organizations will able to move monthly licenses between public, private and hybrid cloud applications. IBM says that most of these new products and releases will be available by June 2015.