IBM Launches Cloud Service that Helps Design Sophisticated Electronic Systems

Image Attribution: Flickr

IBM has announced the launch of its new cloud service that is called High Performance Services for Electronic Design Automation.
IBM claims that this Software as a Service is a first of its kind within the industry, as it provides tools that help users build out electronic systems that can be used for mobile phones and wearable devices. IBM mentions that they have been able to deliver these tools through a partnership with SiCAD. By using SiCAD, IBM’s SoftLayer users will now have a way to visually draw out their innovations. This includes design flows, networking, platform development and cloud service integrations into the new device.
IBM’s new cloud service opens up a world of possibilities to those who are looking to design the next big tech innovation. IBM says that SiCAD’s tools are patented and anyone with a SoftLayer subscription can begin designing electronic technology in the cloud. IBM makes this affordable by using the “Pay as you Go” model that is popular in many SaaS applications.
IBM’s own internal product designers have often used EDA software to plan out their tech innovations. IBM says that by using Electronics Design Automation tools, IBM has been able to bring to market projects such as the IBM Mainframe, Power microprocessors, ASIC processors and more.
Jai Iyer, CEO of SiCAD mentions, “The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) products has been the primary driver for increased demand for semiconductor chips. Companies are under pressure to design electronic systems faster, better and cheaper.”
Iyer goes on to say, “A time-based usage model on a need basis makes sense for this industry and will spur innovation in the industry while lowering capital and operations expenses.”
At the end of the day, startups and established businesses will both be able to enjoy a level playing field due to the new way in which electronics systems can be designed. Using IBM’s cloud products, those in the electronic design field can more quickly verify, test and produce a higher quality product due to IBM’s High Performance Services for Electronic Design Automation.