IBM Partners with 200 Universities to Help Teach Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Back to school season is right around the corner; As many college students look forward to beginning their studies in the upcoming fall semester, some of their universities may have implemented a new cloud curriculum that focuses heavily on IBM’s Cloud products.
IBM has announced that they have partnered with over 200 universities globally to provide cloud training for the next generation of developers. IBM is calling this program the Academic Initiative for Cloud, which provides tools and cloud software that helps students build cloud services.
IBM’s Academic Initiative for the Cloud provides students with the ability to access IBM’s Bluemix Platform as a Service offering, which allows students to rapidly build, scale and provision new apps that reside in the cloud. IBM says that by giving Bluemix to students, they can get the tools they need to help the next generation of cloud developers build radical and innovative applications.
“Putting Bluemix in the hands of today’s and tomorrow’s innovators creates the opportunity to foster a new generation of talent in cloud application development,” says Sandy Carter, an IBM Manager for Cloud Ecosystem and Developers.
“Our commitment to provide deep cloud expertise to programs aimed at future cloud developers from academics to professionals is necessary to sustain the growth our industry forecasts,” Carter continued.
In addition to providing Bluemix, IBM says that they will also offer students the ability to learn all about Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing. IBM’s Cloud infrastructure will appear in over 250 courses and programs in the upcoming fall semester. Instructors are given a 1 year pass to IBM’s Cloud without any types of credit cards required to activate the service.
Students will be able to gain access for 6 months at a time, without the need to enter any payment information. IBM also mentions that they are sponsoring Hackathons, a Student Developer Community and a program called Bluemix U, which teaches students all about the Bluemix platform.