IBM Spectrum Storage Enables Hybrid Storage Environments

Image Attribution: Flickr

One of the best ways for organizations to diversify their backup options is to adopt some type of hybrid cloud storage solution. IBM’s take on hybrid cloud storage is called IBM Spectrum Storage. One can speculate that IBM went with the name spectrum, given the fact that their new storage solution gives enterprises tons of options in terms of backup technology.
Back February, IBM mentioned that it would invest $1B dollars into software defined storage systems. IBM went on to say that they would be pushing their Spectrum lineup of hybrid backup options. Since data centers are becoming more reliant on software defined technology, IBM saw a potential to become a leader within this market. Since IBM’s announcement in February, Big Blue has already netted over 1,000 clients for its Spectrum Storage options.
There are 6 robust components to the Spectrum Hybrid storage solution. Those components are:

  • IBM Spectrum Control – Uses analytics to help management save up to 50% on storage costs.
  • IBM Spectrum Protect – IBM’s method of reducing backup costs.
  • IBM Spectrum Archive – Rapidly backs up your data and archives it. IBM says Spectrum Archive can save 90% on the Total Cost Ownership of backup products.
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize – IBM alleges that mixed virtual environment can store 500% more data.
  • IBM Spectrum Scale – For organizations that need to rapidly scale up or down in data storage options.
  • IBM Spectrum Accelerate – Using SoftLayer, organizations can cloud storage in minutes, not weeks or months.

IBM says that its Spectrum Storage option can handle just about any project. In fact, Spectrum Storage was built to manage over 300 different storage devices and over a trillion terabytes of data.
IBM also reports that Spectrum will debut on the VersaStack platform at the end of 2015.