IBM’s Alert Notification Service Monitors App Health

When cloud apps begin malfunctioning, end users are rarely amused. With IBM’s new Alert Notification Service, administrators that deploy cloud apps can receive real time notifications that provide an early warning should an issue with your app arise.
IBM has released this service within their BlueMix offering as a beta. With the IBM Alert Notification Service, DevOps get a single pane of glass that allows them to view data concerning the health of each app deployed within their environment.
From there, DevOps can configure alerts to arrive via email, SMS or voice. Developers can even leverage the REST API to configure custom alerts. The IBM Alert Notification Service helps businesses avoid costly line of business application downtime.
Since the IBM Alert Notification Service is in beta, organizations are invited to try to the service for free, without limitations. One of the neat functions of this service is that alerts can be routed based on logical requirements.
For example, if an event occurs at 2AM when most of your DevOps staff is asleep, the alert can be configured to go to your on-call staff rather than staff that may be unavailable.
What if your business runs a hybrid cloud? IBM Alert Notification Service can work across both private and public clouds to give your DevOps staff the insights they need in order to deliver reliable services throughout your organization.
IBM originally purchased BlueMix in 2014 and since then, the innovative platform has allowed businesses the ability to create and deploy their own cloud applications.
Having an Alert Notification Service baked into the BlueMix platform can prove to be an extremely valuable asset for developers that have embraced PaaS as a means of developing and deploying apps throughout an organization.
While IBM is providing the beta version of this service for free, a message on the BlueMix website indicates that “Future versions may have charge associated with usage.”