IBM's CopLink Fights Crime with the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

IBM has announced that it’s CopLink app will now be available as a cloud service. The move comes as many police departments across the USA are seeking out cloud solutions in order to streamline their operations. CopLink itself isn’t a new technology. In fact, CopLink has been around for a couple of decades.
IBM says that over 6,000 police agencies across 22 states use the CopLink app. Within this platform, law enforcement officials can gain access to over 1.1 billion documents. These documents can become pivotal to an investigation, giving police officers the ability to gain key information in regards to an alleged criminal.
With IBM putting CopLink in the cloud, smaller law enforcement agencies will be able to utilize the law enforcement intelligence platform within their departments. In the past, CopLink has traditionally been confined to larger police forces due to costs and other complexities. By putting CopLink in the cloud, IBM hopes to broaden its reach and connect more law enforcement officials with this helpful crime fighting app.
In addition to CopLink, IBM has also announced that they have released a cloud service for emergency management officials. IBM is calling this new platform the Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management. With this tool, local emergency management officials will get the latest weather updates in real time, giving officials the resources they need in order to facilitate a community response.
One of the key features of the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is its ability to predict the damages on a city’s infrastructure before a weather event occurs. Emergency management officials can then use the software to formulate a plan that prioritizes infrastructure repairs before the storm hits.
The IOC for Emergency Management even takes into account community institutions such as hospitals, warning them of them of the possibility of having to use their generators in the event of a violent weather event. The app even tells organizations if they need to stock up on additional fuel to power backup generators, in case the reserves currently present aren’t sufficient.
IBM mentions that the new reiteration of CopLink in the cloud and its new Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management are part of IBM’s initiative for a safer planet.