IBM Debuts New Cloud Data Center in Italy

Image Attribution: Flickr

IBM has expanded its global data center footprint with its newest cloud data center opening in Cornaredo, Italy. With the announcement of the new facility located near Milan, Italian businesses will be able to tap into IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure.
The new data center helps businesses in Italy fast track their cloud migration plan without having to host their data outside of their own country. Businesses in Italy will now be able to use IBM’s award winning cloud infrastructure while simultaneously being compliant with local data sovereignty regulations.
Big Blue has established itself as a major player in the rapidly growing cloud sector, with its IaaS offering seeing tremendous returns on investment within the Euro region.
Marc Jones, CTO for SoftLayer, was quoted in a press release saying, “The Italian IT sector is changing as startups and enterprises alike are increasingly turning to the cloud to optimize infrastructure, lower IT costs, create new revenue streams, and spur innovation.”
Jones adds, “The Milan data center extends the unique capabilities of our global platform by providing a fast, local onramp to the cloud. Customers have everything they need to quickly build out and test solutions that run the gamut from crunching big data to launching a mobile app globally.”
Italy becomes the 5th data center region in Europe that SoftLayer has brought online since its inception. Other data center facilities in Europe are located in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.
Nicola Cinero, a manager at IBM Italy, recently talked about the reduction of latency for Italian businesses saying, “From the new location, connections to SoftLayer services within Europe are less than 30 milliseconds, which means data can be transmitted quickly — key for a wide range of computing needs, including real-time bidding (RTB), big data, and analytics applications.”
More information about SoftLayer and IBM’s Cloud, visit the SoftLayer website by clicking here.