iCloud Syncing Issue To Blame for Apple Music's Rocky Debut

Image Attribution: Flickr

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you announce a “Launch day” for your product? The answer is simple: Your product fails. That’s the feedback from handful of Apple Music early adopters as they went to Twitter to voice their frustrations with the new product. Apple Music’s official launch day was yesterday, June 30th.
The issue stems from those who have downloaded iOS 8.4 along with the latest version of iTunes onto their Apple devices. The specific error that some have shared on social media states that “The iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled.”
While some users continued to have issues, others report that after a few tries and perhaps a reboot or two, they were finally able to sync their music from the cloud for offline use.
The biggest selling point for Apple Music is its ability to sync songs from the cloud onto the device for users to enjoy afterwards.
Large media outlets such as CNN mention that the iCloud website has not displayed any errors or alerts indicating a service outage. Apple, up until this point, has made no public comment on the Apple Music’s rocky start.
The new Apple Music service has received mixed reviews. A report published by CBS News says that Apple Music has received “Mostly positive reviews,” some users have noted that the new app is “Uncharacteristically complicated.
While Apple may have endured a few bumps after its initial launch day, analysts are positive on the overall prospects of the service. “Less than 5 percent of the population is currently paying for an on-demand music subscription which means that this market is still a relatively ‘green field’ opportunity,” said Dan Cryan from I.H.S. Technology.
“Apple Music has a couple of key advantages to grow this still-nascent market,” added Cryan.
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