IDC: 41% of US Manufacturers Are Using Public Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Results from a newly released IDC survey claims that 41% of manufacturers in the USA use public cloud in some way, shape or form. The report goes on to detail manufacturer’s cloud strategies, which range from “Cloud first” to “Cloud also.”
IDC has named its report Worldwide Cloud Adoption in the Manufacturing Industry and the report goes into great detail regarding the cloud strategies of organizations that manufacture goods.
IDC found that a majority of manufacturers have developed a “Cloud also” strategy. While some organizations have championed the idea of going “Cloud first,” the strategy behind “Cloud also” allows organizations to adapt public cloud services that compliment their existing on-premises infrastructure.
IDC’s report found that a majority of respondents admit to using public or private cloud within their organizations. IDC believes that “Cloud also” will remain the most popular cloud strategy for manufacturing industry. Within manufacturing companies, IDC says that IT departments gain the most benefit from cloud. Only 30-35% of respondents said that they use cloud for their manufacturing operations. This includes using cloud for supply chain management, logistics, sales or engineering.
“Manufacturers are in the midst of a digital transformation, in which 3rd platform technologies are absolutely essential to the way they do business and in the products and services they provide to their customers. Consequently, a strategic approach to adopting cloud is absolutely essential,” says IDC Research Directory Kimberly Knickle in a press release.
“Because of cloud’s tremendous value in making IT resources available to the business based on business terms –speed, cost, and accessibility- manufacturers must ensure that the line of business and IT management work together in defining their requirements,” added Knickle.
IDC concludes its report by mentioning that the Internet of Things (IoT) will likely provide the greatest impact into the manufacturing industry.