IDC Releases 2nd Quarter Growth Numbers for Cloud Infrastructure Providers

IDC has just released its 2nd quarter figures for the top data center infrastructure providers. The report drills down into the sales numbers published by data center hardware manufacturers. IDC further segments this report into sales that pertain to both on-premises and cloud data equipment.
Not surprisingly, IDC found that cloud related infrastructures purchases by IT organizations in all regions are on the rise. Non-cloud related infrastructure purchases saw a reduction in spending in each of the major categories. IDC lists those major categories as storage, servers and switches.
According to the report, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North American regions led the world in 2nd quarter cloud hardware purchases. HP led all hardware manufacturers by amassing over $1.1B in 2nd quarter revenue. Dell trailed HP in 2nd place with $765M in sales while Cisco rounded out the top three, reporting $656M in revenue during the 2nd quarter.
“As cloud service providers continue to expand their datacenter footprints to meet growing cloud services demand, customers increasingly rely on a variety of as-a-service offerings and traditional hosting to help meet the performance, manageability, time to deployment, and TCO requirements of their organizations,” says Kuba Stolarski, the Research Director for Servers and Hyperscale Infrastructure at IDC.
“Both private and public clouds will continue to see growing demand from customers who look to optimize their workload deployments based on their own uniquely varied requirements,” added Stolarski.
IDC’s 2nd quarter data for cloud infrastructure is published under the title: Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker. When you examine the data found in the Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, it’s clear that certain trends are beginning to take shape.
For example, the top three countries that have spent the most on cloud infrastructure are Japan, Canada and the USA. When you look back at previous quarterly reports issued by IDC, each of these countries seems to hover in the top 3 in terms of cloud infrastructure related purchases.