IDEX Enters Agreement with Leading Global Financial IT Provider to Create Next Generation Secure Fingerprint System

IDEX Biometrics (IDEX ASA), the widely-known leading provider of sophisticated fingerprint identification and authentication solutions has referred back to the announcement they made on 10 April, 2019.

Finally, they have revealed the news that a major global information and technology company, a major provider of analytical software, vital hardware, data services, and news to the financial companies all over the globe has signed an agreement with them to improve their existing biometric security solutions. A multimillion-dollar commitment for IDEX’s SmartFinger® IDX 3200 dual-interface sensors is also a part of the agreement. It would also be enhanced with advanced security features, which will be delivered over the next three years.

This amazing deal is indeed a great one for IDEX. It is the first volume order for IDEX’s SmartFinger® IDX 3200 dual-interface sensor and is the biggest ever single customer commitment, up-to-date. It goes on to validate and leverage on IDEX’s technological industry and leadership expertise, in payment cards into new markets which demand secure biometric solutions. Shipments will begin swiftly later in the year, around the second half.

This partnership the two companies have entered will lead to relevant enhancements to the integrity as well as confidentiality of biometric data, beyond the current state of the art. IDEX totally anticipates this secure sensor technology. This anticipation of theirs is in a bid to drive higher levels of security in the biometric smart card market. These higher levels of security will only be achieved over time.

In the words of the CEO of IDEX, Stan Swearingen, “This landmark customer win for IDEX is a testament to the strength of our industry-leading biometric solutions and our ability to leverage our technology in mass volumes into new verticals. We’re delighted to have been chosen by a very prestigious and recognizable brand in the financial services world to deliver our total biometric solution.”