Introduces Cloud Based Visitor Management App for Android

Image Attribution: Flickr

Industries such as hotels, casinos and nightclubs regularly check patron’s identification for a variety of reasons. With’s new Android app called VeriScan Online, businesses all around the world can be begin scanning IDs and comparing that information to what is already known about that specific person automatically within the cloud.’s service can be used in a variety settings that will help security and administrative staff positively identify a person as they walk into your place of business.
In many industries, this type of service has a tremendous value. Organizations are rapidly seeing the value of visitor management. When businesses can know exactly who is coming through their doors as well as their full name and mailing address, businesses can leverage that information to engage customers before they re-enter a place of business.
VeriScan for Android has the ability to fetch sophisticated reports that gives an organization the power to manage their visitors better than ever. With VeriScan, you can chart new visitors vs. returning visitors as well as the number of times a person has visited your establishment in total. Businesses can then use the information found in their cloud database to see where a person lives and chart that location on a map so that a business can see how many customers it has within a specific geographic area.
When businesses are able to manage their visitors, they are often able to provide a more engaging experience. Within VeriScan for Android, businesses can setup blacklists for patrons that may be used to ban certain people from entering an establishment. The VeriScan app swiftly and accurately checks all data found on an ID, allowing staff to get automated text message alerts should a certain patron walk through the front door of the business. The new VeriScan app for Android complements the already existing VeriScan apps that are available on iOS and Windows.